Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I need a baby kitty

I'm researching lately how to convince my Husby I need to get a baby kitty for my PTSD.

After a long conversation over too many margaritas with his grandma and off beat uncle we decided I totally deserve a kitty. Husby however, has been put through a lot with the past cat I tried to bring home. I made a poor judgement call and was pressured into this bad decision by an abusive husband who was married to my Husby's aunt. Follow me? He said to me if I took the cat I'd really be helping them out. Their other family members said I'm probably helping their marriage stay in tacked. WRONG. I got the cat home (on Husby's birthday) as a surprise. Turned out it had a over active thyroid, pissed everywhere bucket loads, shrank in weight, and ran like a maniac around the house. The medication was horribly expensive and I thought I was just going to get a lazy old cat to lay around and pet. WRONG again. This was a Siamese cat. I felt horrible and kept the cat. Tormented, my husband lashed out a the cat and at me. Our marriage now was suffering at it had only just begun. I gave the cat back. Every since, I've been lonely without it. I missed having a companion at home with me. I talked to it. It didn't judge me. I just felt calm around it when it wasn't freaking out. We decided I just went about getting a cat the wrong way. I should have got a little one to grow attachment to and train it. While we are young and in our prime we needed a cat that was healthy and not needing extensive vet visits and expensive medication. That's when I asked the offbeat uncle about finding us one because they have the laziest cutest Persian cats. The only problem is my Husby might be allergic to fur. I know there are hypo allergenic kitty options but man do I just want to lay around and brush one of those fur balls all day. We could get a naked cat. The only problem is they need lots of attention and crave activity. Far from the lazy cat idea. That would just mean we have to get TWO!

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