Monday, December 19, 2011

Euthenized Goldfish and Grand ashes.

I went to therapy last Friday. Apparently I'm doing awesome and giving her warm fuzzies when I tell her how angry I allowed myself to be. She suggests writing more about my trauma and trauma brain which I'm not looking forward to. It's this angry foreboding cloud on my horizon that I just can't stand to face. There was a snippit I told Husby last week at 5am but, that was after a horrible night terror episode. I'd hate to start that whole thing again. Trauma likes to tell me it makes the world uncomfortable to hear it and it makes me sick to go over it with myself so it's best to just let it be. I'll work on it.

Recent news: I vowed never to name my goldfish. I've gone through so many that have been unnamed and when I finally name them, they die! This one was beautiful and my mother in law wanted me to name them. I said, " You name them, when I do...they die!" She refused to name them and coerced me into doing it. WELL! This past weekend my fish got organ failure, floated around, then bent in half at the bottom of the tank. I have a sucker fish in there that started eating my still partially alive goldfish. What the fuck! How was I supposed to just kill my fish? Husby said flush it and wish it luck. That was horrible. Instead, we decided on the best thing and that was to freeze it in a bowl of water. I fished it out of the tank and placed it in a mixing bowl with ice and water. For a moment I cried looking at it's eyes twitching back and forth. Then, I put tinfoil over the top of the bowl. That's when I lost it. Tears poured down my face. I was so angry that I named it. I watched my dog skip and Second hand lions. Cried. Fell asleep.

I went to see my parents and Husby's parents. My mom gave me a 6 shooter shot glass with "what bothers most drink at that level" written on it with lines near spouse, job, boss, etc. I also received a photograph of my family throwing my grandparent's ashes at 3 Sisters, Oregon. Dad then said, "Oh wait, I've got something else". He plopped in my hand a little baggie of ashes. We just laughed and I shoved it all in my purse. We hung out and my parents left. That's when my brother decides to offer us pot. Heck yeah. I smoked it and he put the rest in my purse.

My purse contents:
  • Wallet
  • misc papers
  • makeup
  • 6 shooter
  • shot glass
  • Grandma and Grandpa in ashes
  • Marijuana

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