Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Writing a Book

Alright so I'm writing a book. I'm very nervous about it as it means I have to actually talk about how I feel about the things that I have gone through but there has been enough support from family and friends, I've decided to try. My therapist is always blown away with what I have to share and thinks I need to put it all down bind it up and see what happens. The little thing I've called trauma brain has been telling me not to share anything. "No one will care" , "If they care it will only to be angry at you", "Don't waste time and money on something that no one will want to read", "Who are you to try and preach you are such a sinner". We'll see what happens through prayer and meditation (and several hysterical baths I've taken). Somehow the courage is mustered up. I'm still selling paintings and will continue to update on the same pitiful schedule I already have been updating. Honestly, I am shocked that there has been 1,000 page views of this little online therapy diary. Maybe a book will empower more people. It will definitely have more literary structure and flow than a blog. No idea what I'm in for as I still have a full time job, husband, family, health, therapy, and sanity to maintain. Wish me luck!

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