Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coughing out IUD victory

For months it was feeling horrible to have this thing in me. I don't know what happened to it but it had been painful to have sex it was painful to sit in certain positions. It was time to remove this horrid thing. By the way, if anyone ever plans to have an IUD placed I hope they research better than I did. We made an appointment and I spoke to my therapist about it. The day went pretty straight forward for me which is probably not that straightforward. I didn't sleep the night before. I had nightmares that the Dr. ripped something out of me I bled to death and then watched from above as they placed a fake vagina back inside of me somehow. After that, I just felt that staying awake was better and less stressful. Husby held me and when he woke up I cried. We went to therapy together. I learned about deep breathing exercises , grounding to reality, I've got a bad habit of being mad and blaming the wrong person for the past 10 years. Who knew I was supposed to be angry at a rapist not myself? Of course that is easier said than done as the phrase goes but for one day I allowed myself to be angry. Then, I fell asleep with my bestest friend in the world watching the Nightmare before Christmas. We woke up and went over to her place to watch viral videos and read this blog about cervixes . I hung out with husby in bed later that night being loved on and I felt so innocent and broken. He tried to put a movie on but I fell asleep in the nook instead.

For anyone concerned about how the Dr. removes an IUD this was my expirience

Showed up in the waiting room that had no matching chairs. I was practicing grounding so the chairs were very memorable.
The nurse called my name and I didn't want to go in. I hunkered down and husby just repeated my mantra for stress.
The nurse asked why I was so upset. I remember my therapist telling me it's ok to tell them I was raped, so I did. She was very nice.
The nurse took my blood pressure (I'm shocked I still have an arm after it.)
They gave me a sheet to wrap up in but I ended up wrapping up too much and barracaded my lady bits away from the Dr.
She came in and I began shaking uncontrollably and crying.
The Dr. was very nice she explained everything she was doing.
She stuck a cold metal speculum thing to crank it open and grabbed the IUD strings
The Dr. said she would count to 3 and I would cough out my IUD.
1....2....3 AHHH! I yelled and it was over. Hooray!

I'm feeling like I could conquer anything now. I could run, I could fly, I could go to the store by myself! okay maybe not that crazy. I'm so excited and thrilled it went so well. I didn't even have a PTSD reaction afterwards. That was probably due to the buddy system I had in place.

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