Saturday, November 19, 2011

Is this a 1 glass hangover?

First, I did not dream about a clean house. I wouldn't mind if Leonard and Sheldon came in the middle of the night to clean it and also, I dreamed I couldn't stop drinking out of a milk jug with hot pink lipstick on. The lipstick must have been because I just bought some hot pink new lip stuff but I was like I just....need more...MILK! Have no idea. This morning I poured a huge glass of it and downed it in a minute.

Yesterday, Husby fixed the car. Apparently, in the 90's they came up with an anti theft mechanism/memory chip thingy. Well, it goes under the steering wheel area and prevents someone from starting your car to steal it if somehow they managed to steal your keys or hack into your car. The thingy was loose. End of story.

We went grocery shopping in less than 30 minutes including drive time and packing our own bags up to take back to the car. That is record time. I'm not "supposed" to get drunk or drink heavily so I got a bottle of semi cheap but still over our budget wine. Hell yeah I deserved a glass. This week was crazy. Besides, the bottle clearly says my name so I had to buy it.

That was last night. This morning is going great and I'm wearing my new hot pink lip gloss which I thought I'd never be able to do for fear of grabbing to much or the wrong kind of attention. However, I feel sick. I woke up with a headache. My stomach is making horrible sounds. There is shifting and nausea in my intestines. I had one glass and a boat load of pasta. The goal is H2O. Here I come day!

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