Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CPR and a Piss Purse.

Norman Rockwell Spanking
Dear Freshman Health Ed Teacher,

Today I came to class late. You made sure to point that out to everyone there. Today was the start of CPR training. That was when you would call us up in groups to perform on a stupid doll to show we could save someone's life.

You didn't know this but when I was in 7th grade I got raped. That sort of ruined everything good I had going on with my elementary school friends. You also didn't know I had to put him away in jail. That is a hard process on a 13 year old. It took a lot of time away from making good friends and a name for myself in this cruel place.

Earlier this week I had the house covered in eggs and toilet paper. I was told to clean it up by myself. Then, I had the car I drive to school covered in toilet paper. Today the icing on the cake was having my purse stolen at school. When I saw it was stolen I went to report it. The school didn't care. They didn't look it up on their fancy security cameras. They didn't even look it up from the camera that was pointing right where I had been with my purse. They found it though. Right before this class. They found it in a urinal covered in piss. The janitor cleaned it and gave it back to me empty.

When I cam to your class this morning you called on me to do CPR alone in front of the class. I just stood there and started crying. I told you I couldn't handle doing that today. That's when you gave the "emergencies don't wait" speech and said if I didn't I'd lose points. I was okay with that and told you "I'm NOT doing it today".

The next day you awarded extra credit to everyone that volunteered to do CPR. After I watched the whole class do the training and get their extra credit you called on me. I did the stupid CPR. When I was done you said, "now, was that so hard to have done by yourself? You don't need to cry about it". You didn't give me any extra credit.

I wanted to stand up in your face and scream at you asshole. I did nothing. I said nothing. I went back to my seat and let you hurt me and get away with it. I wanted to see the look on your face if I told you all of this. I wish I had because you made me so angry that 10 years from now I'll be burning so angrily that it will wake me in anger and pain Christmas night. I hated you for the ridicule and unfairness. How dare you teach high school.

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