Monday, June 4, 2012

Charming Snake Bites

Hey everyone come see how baddass I look!

The air was sticky with heat. The mugginess held onto my upper lip with dirt and sweat. I had ridden my little mermaid bicycle up and down the cul de sac at least 100 times if not more that day. Evening was setting in and the sun hung low on the horizon. It was that time of day when you rode your bicycle one way and found shade but on the way back became easily blinded as the rays penetrated through tree branches. It was this blinding light that caused me to miss the driveway back home just as my grandparents were helping in the yard. Dad was at the bottom of the driveway with grandpa. I had skid along the loose gravel and bailed on my bicycle. I look back now and know grandpa was just trying to help me feel better because I biffed it on my bike. "Hey come over here! I found a snake!" Grandpa called over to me from the ditch. I stood up and wiped my face with dirty hands. I had on a bright pick bubble gum helmet with my hair a hot mess out the back of it. I hesitated to approach the dangling black snake in grandpa's hand. I breathed really hard. This was my first experience with a snake. "Go ahead and pinch it right behind the head". My tiny feeble hand stretched out in hopes of impressing my elder that yes in deed I can hold a snake! Not a moment after I pinched that sucker's head did the wriggly slick tail twirl around my wrist in a flash. That damn snakes head slid from beneath my fingers. Searing pain burned into the fleshy part of my thumb. I shook and shook but the snake would not let loose and again opened what seamed to be a gigantic mouth  to take a second bite out of my hand.  In my true drama queen nature, I ran screaming up the 50 foot driveway, crying and flailing like I was about to die. I ran through the garage flung open the rickety garage door to a dark hallway. I sprinted through the hall huffing and gasping to the utility bathroom. I was still alive. My hand had four little gigantic bleeding spots. I ran ice cold water over my arms and hands crying and gasping. I still had on the stupid pink helmet. Looking up into the medicine cabinet mirror, I realized something new about myself; I was a complete utter pussy and looked like a bat shit crazy child. I took a moment to breathe and stare at my reflection. I wiped the tears away. It didn't help, the dirt just became muddy streaks on my face. I took my helmet off and washed my face. Dinner was going onto the table upstairs. One last deep breath. I walked calmly up the stairs like nothing happened and the snake incident wasn't spoken about. No one asked if I was alright with my near death experience.

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